Didy Veldman

Freelance Choreographer based in London, UK

Photography @dancers_eye

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Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman was born in ’67. She has always been passionate about dance and is interested in learning through the body. She was trained in numerous techniques at the Scapino Academy in Amsterdam. Following her training she went on to dance with Scapino Ballet, Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and Britain's Rambert Dance Company. She worked with international choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin, Christopher Bruce, Kim Brandstrup, Nils Christe, Glenn Tetley, Robert Cohan, Lindsay Kemp and many others. She began choreographing in 1987, creating work for the repertoires of all three companies, as well as independently.

In 1992, Didy Veldman started her own dance company ‘Alias’ with Guilherme Botelho in Geneva. Their first work ‘En Manqué’ was performed to great acclaim in London, Glasgow, Zurich and Lausanne. The production also won two major choreographic awards: the Dance Exchange International 1993 and the Prix Romand des Spectacles indépendents 1994. Didy Veldman left Alias after an invitation by Christopher Bruce to join Rambert Dance Company in 1994.

Whilst being a dancer with Rambert Dance Company, she created three works for the repertory. She received a grant from the Choo-San Goh & Robert Magee Foundation for her third production with Rambert and this production won the Linbury Prize for Stage Design created by Miriam Buether.

Didy left Rambert in 2000 to concentrate on her choreographic career. She has 19 years of freelance experience and has created over 45 new works for 27 international companies, such as Cedarlake, Goteborg Ballet, Ballet Gulbenkian, Iceland Dance Company, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Lithuanian National Ballet, Leipzig Ballet, New Zealand Ballet, Cullberg Ballet, Komische Oper Berlin and Geneva Ballet, creating full evening story-telling works with symphony orchestra to smaller works as part of a triple bill. Recently she created a new work for Birmingham Royal Ballet ‘Sense of Time’ together with Composer Gabriel Prokofiev, which had its London premiere to great critical acclaim on 25 June 2019.

In 2016 she was selected to be part of the 8th rural retreat of future leaders in dance, at The Jerwood Dancehouse in Ipswich. She is now directing her own dance company ‘Humanoove' in London, which she founded in 2016 with support from Arts Council England, DanceEast and several trusts and private donors. She is currently working on her third production ‘@HOME’. ‘Humanoove’ performs nationally and internationally and just returned from Jacob’s Pillow, USA where they performed for a week at the Doris Duke Theatre.

Didy also has a keen interest in teaching students, she travels the world teaching contemporary classes and workshops. In 2010,2011 & 2017 she was invited to teach at the Prix de Lausanne, her choreography was used for the 2012 & 2013 competition and she created a new work for the Partner School Choreographic Project in 2018 called ‘Is to B’ for 26 students. She has taught contemporary classes at the National Ballet School in Amsterdam, The Royal Ballet School in London, Codarts in Rotterdam, The Ballet Boyz in London, McDonald College in Sydney Australia, Rambert Dance Company and Rambert School and London School of Contemporary Dance amongst others and was invited in 2010, 2013 & 2018 as a Guest Artist Choreographer at the school of Jacob’s Pillow for their Contemporary Program. Since 2019 Didy is Co-Director of the Contemporary Program of the School at Jacob’s Pillow together with Milton Myers. She has been part of audition, exam and assessment committees as well as a judge for choreographic competitions.





Photography by Chris Akril,@dancers_eye,

Sense of time

Premiere 12 June 2019


‘Ravishing risk-taking’ Guardian ****
A terrific show, experiencing dance as a surge of emotion
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian ****


Work in progress for Humanoove

Premiere 2020

frame of view

created for Cedarlake, premiere January 2009

Re-staged for Danish Dance Theatre 2018

The result was continuously ingenious and beguiling.
John Rockwell, The New York Times.

see blue through

Premiere Ballet Gulbenkian 2001

Re-staged for Phoenix Dance Theatre in 2004 & 2014, Introdans 2016 & Ballet Leipzig in 2018

The Little Prince

Created for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal in 2012 and re-staged in 2015

‘A fascinating delicacy with dreamlike and captivating beauty that leaves you speechless.
Aline Apostolska La Presse

The 3 Dancers

Created for Rambert, premiered 2015

Re-staged for Introdans 2018

The Knot

Created for Humanoove, 2018


Originally created for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal in 2008 and re-staged in 2013.

Re-staged for Introdans in 2015 and Ballet Leipzig in 2018

Sense of Time 1.JPG

Latest projects

Sense of Time is Didy’s most recent creation, created for Birmingham Royal Ballet together with Composer Gabriel Prokofiev, which premiered 12 June ‘19.

Oper Leipzig performed See Blue Through and TooT during the same evening on 30 June, 1 & 2 July, 21 Sept & 21 Nov. 2018. 

They will be performing See Blue Through as part of a triple bill in Leipzig on:

08.04.2020 at 7.30PM

17.04.2020 at 7.30PM

22.05.2020 at 7.30Pm

11.06.2020 at 7.30PM

Humanoove is Didy’s own Dance Company based in London. If you like to know more about this adventure please have a look at the website.






Creating a new work for the Youth Olympic Games

Re-staging Is to B for the Royal Ballet School

Creating a new full length work @HOME for Humanoove

Teaching & Mentoring at English National Ballet School, Central School of Ballet, Palucca Hochschule Dresden and The School at Jacob’s Pillow, USA

Creation Is to B The Partner Schools of The Prix de Lausanne.

Creation for Map Dance, Chichester University.

Creation Sense of Time for Birmingham Royal Ballet, together with composer Gabriel Prokofiev.

Research and development for a new work called @HOME for Humanoove

Creation Made in Holland for National Ballet School in Amsterdam

Touring The Happiness Project with Humanoove at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival


Re-staging of Frame of View, for Danish Dance Theatre, premiere in Copenhagen on 20 Jan. '18

Premiere of The Knot for Humanoove/Didy Veldman on 9 Feb '18 at DanceEast in Ipswich, UK

National and International touring of The Knot.

Re-staging of TooT & See Blue Through for Leipzig Ballet, premiere on 29 June '18

Re-staging of The 3 Dancers for Introdans in Holland, premiere on 14 Sept. '18

International Guest Artist at the school of Jacob's Pillow, USA







Touring The Happiness project nationally with performances at The Place on 2 & 3 May '17

Re-staging of Frame of View for Danish Dance Theatre

Creating a new work for the graduate students of the Rambert School

Teaching contemporary classes at the Royal Ballet Upper and Lower school

Teaching contemporary classes at the Prix de Lausanne


Creation 'The Happiness Project' for Umanoove/ Didy Veldman premiere 4 Nov. Ipswich

Creation '360º' for Luzerner Theater, Switzerland

Creation for graduate year of the London Contemporary Dance School

Teach at the Royal Ballet Summer School

Choreographic workshop for the Mercury Movers, Rambert's elderly group of dancers

Choreographic workshops for the Royal Ballet School


Creation 'The 3 Dancers' for Rambert Dance Company, UK

Re-working of 'The Little Prince' for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

New Creation for the graduating students of the London Contemporary Dance School

Choreography for the Opera of Tristan & Isolde, Longborough Festival, UK

Re-staging of 'TooT' for the Youth Company Introdans, NL

Re-staging of 'See Blue Through' for Phoenix Dance Theatre, UK

Creating new work with the 2nd year students of the Modern Theatre Dance Academy in Amsterdam


Re-staging of 'TooT' for Les Grands Ballets, Montréal

Creation 'Les Noces' for Le Grand Théâtre de Genève

Re-staging of 'Carmen' for the Lithuanian National Ballet


Creation 'The Little Prince' a full evening work for Les Grands Ballets, Montréal

Creation 'In the Skin I'm in 1,2 & 3' 3 Solos, created for a new Company called Headspace, UK

Re-staging of 'Momo' created for Ballet Bern


Creation 'Language matters' for Ballet Mainz

Re-staging part of 'TooT' for Introdans, NL

Creation 'Kind of a Sort' for Northwest Dance Project, Portland US

Re-staging of part of 'See Blue Through' for Dutch National Ballet Academie


Creation 'Momo' for Ballet Bern, Switzerland
Re-staging of 'Carmen' for the Royal New Zealand Ballet
Staging for 'The Beatles' a musical/play directed by Ruut Weisman
Staging of 'Toon' a musical directed by Ruut Weisman



Creation 'Session' for Introdans, Holland



Creation 'frame of view' for Cedarlake, New-York U.S.A

Re-staging of 'Track' for Swedish Youth Company



Creation 'Cinderella' for Goteborg Ballet Sweden
Creation 'stop and go yes and no' for Introdans Holland
Creation 'Peter & the Wolf' with In the Wings



Creation 'Sweet & Sour' for Iceland Dance Company
Re-staging of 'See Blue Through' for Introdans
Re-staging of 'Tender Hooks' for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal



Re-staging of 'Tender Hooks' for Skanes Dansteater Sweden
Creation 'TooT' for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal
Re-staging of 'See Blue Through' for Company Loaded Australia



Creation 'Outsight' for Ballet Gulbenkian
Re-staging of 'See Blue Through' for Phoenix Dance Theatre
Creation 'Track' for Scottish Dance Theatre



Creation 'O' (She who was) for Komische Oper Berlin
Creation 'Tender Hooks' for Ballet Gulbenkian



Re-staging of Carmen for New Zealand Ballet
Creation I remember red for Cullberg Ballet
Documentary I remember red by ARTE
Creation Possibly Six for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal
Filming of See Blue Through for Television at Gran Liceu Barcelona



Creation A Streetcar Named Desire (full length) for Northern Ballet Theatre
Creation See Blue Through for Ballet Gulbenkian
Creation Chase Case for Eurovision Young Dancer of the Year



Re-staging of Carmen for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal
Creation 7 DS for Rambert Dance Company
Revival of Greymatter for Rambert Dance Company


1999 Creation Carmen (full length) for Northern Ballet Theatre
1998 Creation Somna for Ballet Central
1997 Creation Greymatter for Rambert Dance Company
1996 Filming of Kol Simcha with Rambert Dance Company
1995 Creation Kol Simcha for Rambert Dance Company
1994 Creation En Manqué with Alias Company
1993 Creation 40 Watt for Le Grands Theatre de Geneve
1991 Creation Close for Le Grands Theatre de Geneve
1988 Creation Kleur bekennen for Scapino Ballet
1987 Encouragement Perspective Prize for Sem Titulo
Creation Sem Titulo for Scapino Ballet


‘A highly innovative, fast moving, restless piece with music by Gabriel Prokofiev’

Sense of Time, Ana Selby, Arbuturian online review

The ensemble work surged with urgency and coherence, the whole piece commanded attention from beginning to end, an excellent addition to the company’s repertoire.

Sense of Time, Vicky Westall-Eyre

‘One of the most interesting, innovative pieces to come out of the company in a long time’

Sense of Time, David Mead, Seeing Dance

‘A gorgeous dance of contrasting dynamics and styles, and of light and shadow’

The 3 Dancers, David Mead,Seeing Dance

‘A gorgeous dance of contrasting dynamics and styles, and of light and shadow’

The 3 Dancers, David Mead,Seeing Dance

This artist understands performance, knows how to create ensemble work, has a talent to marry rhythm, humour and beautiful images in perfect adequacy with the music. This 'Les Noces' deserves to be danced often. 

Les Noces, Benjamin Chaix Tribune de Genève.


Freezing intervals, images and dancing bodies, Didy Veldman has perfectly captured the essence of ‘Les Noces’.

Les Noces, Le Temps, Alexandre Demidoff, Genève. 


"Wow." is the word that comes to mind when I think back to The Little Prince, a touching, captivating and ingenious work by choreographer Didy Veldman for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal.

Vanessa Guimond, Le Journal de Montréal.

'There is a quality in the research of movement by Choreographer Didy Veldman which is extraordinary'
TooT Chroniqueure culturelle


'It's a startling piece of dance drama'
Carmen The Post


'Didy Veldman is that rare bird, an artist who excels as both dancer and choreographer'
Kol Simcha USA Dance Magazine.


Veldman's choreography is supremely assured and creatively original.
Tender Hooks Dance Europe


'A work sensitive to human sentiments penetrated by the most diverse emotions, rhythms and energies.'
See Blue Through Net Parque


'A melancholic, intelligent piece not easily forgotten!'

O Phospor Live


'Sharp and full of treasures'
Track Guardian


'Veldman's skill in melding humour and serious insight ensures our laughter has a sympathetic note to it.'
Track The Herald.


'Didy Veldman's Possibly Six had wit, intelligence and plenty of cool'
Possibly Six Montreal Gazette


'Veldman is a genius of choreographic movement'
TooT Music & Vision Dialy

The choreography is magnificent.The movements are at times a dialogue or questioning, spread from one body to another of an intensity and staggering beauty.

The Little Prince, Ariane Bavalier, Le Figaro


The Little Prince created by Didy Veldman for Les Grands Ballets is a fascinating delicacy. A dreamlike and captivating beauty that leaves you speechless.

Aline Apostolska La Presse

The result was continuously ingenious and beguiling. The eight men and seven women cavorted and played, but also acted out more troubling scenarios hinting at loneliness and despair. There were props (the curved, circus-ring benches, silvery on one side; red balloons) and cryptic speech and plenty of cute but not too cute dancing.
TooT, John Rockwell The New York Times.


In TooT (2005), Dutch dancer-choreographer Didy Veldman deploys an intriguing metaphor-political repression as a one-ring circus. Her well-chosen music juxtaposes movements of Shostakovich's desperately sardonic Suite No. 2 for Jazz Orchestra with mournful compositions by the Balanescu Quartet. Veldman builds her case slowly and inexorably. The movement of the white-faced clowns seems, at first, merely athletic and playful. They tumble and leap. Soon, the dancers are responding to spoken commands and, like dutiful conformists, fall into line. You feel they would jump off a cliff, if so ordered. Even clusters of brightly colored balloons cannot eradicate the slightly sinister atmosphere.
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA

Didy Veldman demonstrates how people force themselves into the barriers of the accepted and the 'norm.' Interesting themes as well as visual intrigue surely makes this piece the 'food for thought' of the evening.
Track, Ballet-Dance Magazine by Katherine Phillips






Sense of Time

photography Roy Smiljanic and Bill Cooper



The 3 Dancers

Photography Pierre Tapon & Stephen Wright

see blue through

Photography Ida Zenna


photography Ingmar Jernberg


Photography Ida Zenna & Jean-Laurent Ratel

THe KNot

Photography Chris Nash


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